An unprecedented scenario played out behind the scenes Saturday night shortly after the Blackhawks loss to the Boston Bruins: Patrick Kane went straight home.

It is uncertain what triggered such a radical turn of events for the former Calder Memorial Trophy winner but many who see Kane frequently were troubled by his change in what has become a post game tradition.

“We closed early. Maybe 12,” said Angels and Kings VIP manager Victor Cantonne. “We knew we were gonna be in the red when he wasn’t here by 11:45 because he’s normally 40 or 50 percent of our gross on game nights.”

A quick check of other frequent Kane haunts like Stay, Rebar and the Shrine also confirmed his absence from his famous post game pub crawl. When investigated further it was confirmed that Kane was in fact seen entering his luxury high rise about an hour and a half after the final horn.

When interviewed about the incident, Trump tower door man Wallace Reese was still in shock.

“I thought I saw a ghost! [Kane] walked straight in and got on the elevator! He didn’t even fall into the plants!” said Reese. “I was terrified!”

Reese, who was still visibly shaken by the incident, has gone on temporary disability to treat his post traumatic stress disorder relating to Kane’s predawn arrival.

Kelley Green