After the Giants’ excruciating loss to the Seahawks on Sunday, Tom Coughlin was in his usual fuming state of anger and his face showed it. Whenever Coughlin sees something he doesn’t like on the football field, his face immediately reddens up in anger and outrage.

Now, there’s an actual color to describe this distinctive hue. It’s called “Pissed-Off Red” and it was introduced today by the Crayola Company in a press conference at their headquarters in Easton, Pennsylvania.

“We at the Crayola Company are very excited to introduce another color into our crayon family while honoring our close friend Tom Coughlin, the perpetually angry head coach of the New York Giants,” said Spencer Helfman, Crayola’s CEO. “‘Pissed-Off Red’ is a vibrant color and in my opinion, has the potential to be our best red of all time. We had been throwing around a potential color idea for coach Coughlin for a couple of years now and it’s wonderful that it has come to fruition.”

Coughlin released a brief statement about the honor on Thursday: “I appreciate the Crayola Company and am honored that a color is named after me. However, I am still extremely pissed off with our loss on Sunday. That is all.”

By Josh Burton, Follow me on Twitter: @vcarternj