Mets fans would like nothing more than to see Jose Reyes taking the field for their favorite squad in 2012. In the meantime, they’ll get to see Reyes taking off his clothes in the current “Body Issue,” of ESPN the Magazine.

“When they ask me to get nude, I had no problem,” said the speedy shortstop. “Five years ago, I’d never do this, but since I’ve played for the Mets my entire career, I no longer get embarrassed.”

The decision to show some skin will also be used as a marketing tool to get Reyes as much money as possible this off-season.

“We think the decision to pose nude opens Jose’s appeal up to demographics not commonly associated with Major League Baseball,” noted super agent Scott Boras at a recent luncheon – an odd statement when considering that despite some reported flirtation, Boras does not represent Jose Reyes. When asked why he made the comment, Boras just winked and sped off in a gold-plated Mercedes.

Reyes’ current agent, Peter Greenberg, also in attendance at the luncheon, could only a muster a confused, “Say what, now?” when told about Boras’ comment.

Reyes’ teammate, David Wright was also asked to pose for the magazine, but turned it down to focus on his off-season workouts. He did however take a jab at his infield buddy.

“I see that guy naked almost every day,” Wright joked. “Let’s just say I was the bigger man for turning it down.”

Reyes was quick with a reply: “Good to see David swinging and missing off the field for once.”