What was sure to be an awkward exchange between White Sox GM Kenny Williams and outgoing manager Ozzie Guillen became even more so after Guillen caught Williams trying to sneak Adam Dunn’s contract into the manager’s coat pocket during their good-bye hug Monday night.

“What the [expletive deleted] is this?” shouted Guillen. “You try to hang me with this [expletive deleted] contract? It’s the reason I’m out of a job right now you son of a bitch.”

Guillen opened up the envelope in which Williams had put Dunn’s paperwork and discovered the Sox GM had hastily crossed out every reference to the Chicago White Sox and replaced it by hand with “Florida Marlins,” the team it is rumored Guillen is set to manage.

“This is total [expletive deleted],” said Guillen, while his son Oney quickly posted updates of the altercation to his Twitter account. “Why don’t you try to give me Alex Rios’ contract too while you’re at it [expletive deleted].”

As Williams tried to calm his former manager, the thought of off-loading Rios’ deal on Guillen began to sink in.

“Ozzie. Ozzie. I’m really sorry. I thought you might get a kick out of that completely legally binding joke I just tried to pull on you,” said Williams. “And now that you mention it, what’s not to love about bringing Rios with you to Miami? I’m sure he’ll fit in real well there.”