With his favorite team clinging to a one-game Wild Card lead over Tampa, Red Sox fan Steven Branham is pulling for the Rays’ opponent the next three games, which just so happens to be the Yankees. Branham said cheering for the hated Yankees has made him “feel dirty,” but that he was going to do it anyway.

“I could just cheer for the Sox to win out against the Orioles, but they took three of four from us at home just last week” said Branham, whose Red Sox have won only six of 24 games this month. “No chance we sweep ’em.”

So torn on his new-found temporary passion for the Yankees that Branham made the trip to Baltimore Monday night with a “Go Yanks!?” sign he’s forcing his son to hold up during the game.

Branham said there was only one other time he felt this dirty before but wouldn’t say anything more than it involving a dream with his sister and David Ortiz.

“Let’s just say I felt even dirtier then,” said Branham. “But this is a close second. Go Yanks?”