Green Bay linebacker Clay Matthews has announced that on Sunday, for the second time in his life, he will braid his hair into pigtails. The previous braiding was done for some glamour shots he took back in college.

“This isn’t Pippi Longstocking stuff, okay?” he barked. “I mean, yeah, they look really pretty and maybe I’ll do it again sometime in the privacy of my own home … but these are ‘war pigtails’ damnit!”

The 260-pound Packers superstar, known throughout the league for his crushing hits and flowing blond locks, pointed to other famous war pigtails as reference.

“Lots of folks go for pigtails when they’re about to get their boogey on,” said Matthews. “I mean, remember Sitting Bull? And what about Paris Hilton? She goes into braid mode all the time for big social events and whatnot.”

Matthews plans to swing the braids wildly when running around the field in an attempt to intimidate members of the Bears.

“I’d go for a war Bumpit too but that won’t fit under my helmet,” added the linebacker.

Heckler George