The Jets’ Antonio Cromartie is one of the most electric cornerbacks in the NFL. He’s also the league’s most fertile man. In an effort to remain close to his children, Cromartie announced a plan to buy a Pop Warner team for them to play on together.

Cromartie is well known for having fathered at least nine children with eight different women. While speaking about his brood on the HBO program “Hard Knocks,” he famously forgot the names of a few of them, leading people to question his abilities as a father.

“I love my kids, and figure I can just call each of them by their position, so there isn’t another incident,” said Cromartie after practice. “Come here Offensive Tackle! Clean your room Tight End! It makes it a lot easier on me.”

Football teams consist of 11 players on offense and defense. In Pop Warner football, it is not uncommon for kids to play on both sides of the ball, but for now, his team is at least two players short.

“[Expletive deleted], there are probably two more out there,” added Cromartie. “If not, I’m 27; I got women knocking down my door. We can pop a few more out.”

The newly charitable Cromartie also announced he will take care of his “baby mamas.” He is currently pitching a “Basketball Wives”-type reality show to “E” Entertainment Television.