Brad Pitt is known more for his movie star good looks than his talent as an actor, but he was so convincing in his role as Billy Beane in his new movie Moneyball that Tom Ricketts insisted on interviewing him for the Cubs’ vacant GM position.

“What a fascinating documentary,” said an astonished Ricketts after walking out of a sneak peak of the film. “I couldn’t believe how he put together such a talented team with so little resources in Oakland. Imagine what he could do with the backing of the Chicago Cubs.”

Ricketts was so impressed with Pitt, he was on the phone with his agent immediately after the movie trying to set up an interview. Cubs baseball people tried to get through to Ricketts, explaining that Pitt was only acting as Billy Beane; that he’s not actually a general manager; and that he would only humiliate himself by conducting the interview. They even showed Ricketts some of Pitt’s old movies, proving that he’s just an actor.

“Nonsense!” said Ricketts. “Those were real Oakland Athletic uniforms. They were in the Oakland Coliseum. Do you really think they could’ve made a movie that realistic? I don’t think so.”

Ricketts also went on to point out that a guy that good-looking could help to put women in the seats, something they’ve been lacking since Ryan Theriot was traded.

“He’s a great-looking guy who knows baseball,” said Ricketts. “It’s a win-win situation as far as I’m concerned. I just need to make sure to keep him away from my wife.”

Ricketts also plans to hire Beane’s plucky sidekick, Jonah Hill.

Michael Kloempken