Cubs outfielder Alfonso Soriano has a reputation of enjoying the night life and being quite good with the ladies. But he’s hit a snag of late.

“With the economy the way it is the Chicago club scene has taken a major hit,” said Soriano. “Not as fun as it used to be.”

Fewer club-goers means less female companionship for Soriano. However, he appears to have found a solution as he was seen Tuesday afternoon pushing a stroller down the running path on Lake Shore Drive, which is always crowded in the summer with very attractive women. More than once during his trip along the lake, Soriano was approached by one or even a small group of women.

And who was in the stroller to attract these ladies?

“Tony Campana, man,” said Soriano. “Dude is a complete magnet for chicks.”

The undersized and baby-faced Cubs speedster seemed content in the stroller with an ice cream cone, most of which was on his face and shirt.

“I like going for walks with Fonzy,” he said. “I like ice cream, too. I don’t like when girls pinch my cheeks, though.”

Soriano reportedly got phone numbers of seven women Tuesday, including Maya Lombard, a personal trainer.

“That little Tony is completely adorable!” said Lombard. “I could just eat him up when he smiles!”

It is the perfect plan, according to Soriano, because Campana believes “girls are icky,” but as long as he’s occupied with sugar or napping in the stroller, he’s the perfect lure for Lake Shore women. Other teammates have asked Soriano to borrow Campana, but Campana supposedly is too fussy with others for now.

Tim Baffoe