In an unprecedented event, a mass power failure of Major League Baseball facilities housing the servers that contain the results of the majority of this year’s baseball games has essentially erased all results of the 2011 MLB season before Aug. 1. As a result of this computer glitch, the Cubs find themselves in the thick of the playoff race with a revised record of 11 wins and five losses.

“While I sympathize with teams such as the Phillies, whose once insurmountable divisional leads have vanished due to this error, it truly was a godsend for our squad,” said Cubs manager Mike Quade. “I always said it would take a miracle for us to make the playoffs, and it looks like we got it.”

While many of the Cubs players have expressed their excitement to finally be in the playoff picture this late into the season, others expressed skepticism.

“Well it’s great to be in the lead for the Wild Card at the moment, but when we went on this hot streak we did it with no pressure on us whatsoever,” said Aramis Ramirez. “Once you start talking about ‘playoffs’ we’re just going to sink faster than the Pirates.”

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith