While Cubs GM Jim Hendry left many league experts and Cubs fans surprised and perplexed by his decision not to part with valuable trade pieces such as Carlos Pena, Carlos Marmol, and Aramis Ramirez before the July 31st trade deadline, baseball insider Buster Olney has reported that Hendry also turned down numerous trade offers made for his Pogs collection from 1994.

Hendry’s collection of the circular cardboard discs, which were part of a briefly popular fad in the 1990’s, has garnered surprise interest among several parties, but Hendry staunchly refused to trade any of his colorfully designed and glossy Pogs and slammers.

“It simply is not the right time to part with these Pogs,” Hendry said. “Besides, have you seen how neat they look? I don’t care what’s being offered, I’m keeping my Star Trek Pogs, and there’s no way I’m giving up my metal slammer. I don’t care if I’m not using it!”

Hendry received several serious offers for the collection, including a promising Double-A prospect packaged with a few Yomega brand yo-yos, but the Cubs GM did not budge, declaring, “Pogs are totally going to be cool again you guys, just you wait and see.”

He then began meticulously stacking a series of Saved by the Bell Pogs before throwing down an Alf slammer to scatter the pile.

By Jeff GoodSmith

Jeff GoodSmith