Cubs fans have declared independence from the 2011 Chicago Cubs after wasting a beautiful July 4th afternoon while watching their team blow a late lead to the Nationals in D.C. and then lose the game on a 10th-inning wild pitch.

“That’s it. I’m not watching them again this season,” said Jesse Lofthouse, a 29-year-old man from Chicago’s North Side. “I’ve come close a few times but after the way they blew the game today, I’m officially done.”

Lofthouse was not the only fan to announce freedom from this year’s Cubs team.

“The goddamn Cubs are the only blemish on an other perfect holiday weekend,” said Erika McDonald of Naperville while lighting on fire her remaining tickets to three games this season. “I had a ton of fun with my family and friends. Great food, plenty of booze and sunshine, but those goddamn Cubs. I’m through!”