After Cubs manager Mike Quade defended his calling out of shortstop Starlin Castro for a lack of hustle on a play in Sunday’s game, and said he would do the same to veteran players, the skipper also stated he would give other players timeouts, if necessary, as he has to Cubs rookie Tony Campana.

“The timeouts have gotten fewer and further between lately,” said Quade, “But Tony still has to learn a lesson once in a while.”

Campana’s latest reprimand reportedly came after Monday’s victory over Colorado, when the rookie threw a tantrum in the locker room upon finding out a clubhouse attendant had thrown away his jar of recently collected lightning bugs.

“He forgot to poke holes in the lid,” said Quade. “They were all dead. The employee did nothing wrong by throwing them in the garbage, and Tony has to learn that there’s a way to behave around here.”

When asked to comment, a teary Campana sat in the corner of the clubhouse, facing the wall, and quietly explained that he was not allowed to talk for the next 10 minutes.

“Please go away or I’ll be in more trouble,” he said.

“I treat all the guys equally, though,” Quade said. “If anybody doesn’t eat all his broccoli in a pregame meal or causes a scene because we won’t get a puppy for the clubhouse, he’ll get a timeout. Not just Tony.”

By Tim Baffoe

Tim Baffoe