There’s finally reason to celebrate on the North Side, as the Cubs have been named the city’s “Easiest Place To Work” by Crain’s Chicago Business.

“A fun work environment. Zero accountability. Giant salaries. This company has it all,” gushed Crain’s reporter Paul Jenson. “Honestly, we could have awarded them the top spot based solely on GM Jim Hendry still being employed there.”

According to Crain’s, working for the Cubs in any capacity is “carefree bliss.”

“Employees are promoted for things that would get them fired anywhere else,” said Jenson. “You pitched poorly? Three-year contract. Got thrown out by 20 feet on the basepaths? Your manager will cover for you. Repeatedly hire employees who don’t perform and then trash the organization in the media? Relax – the owner will just blame it on injuries.”

Cubs owner Tom Ricketts was excited about the award.

“People say we don’t work hard here at the Cubs, and that’s just not true. We spend every waking moment making sure this is the easiest darn company in the world to work for,” said Ricketts. “The list says Chicago, but I dare you to find any other team, corporation, small business or non-profit that holds their employees to a lower standard.”

The White Sox came in 9th on the list, while Chicago’s other sports teams such as the Bears (24), Bulls (45) and Blackhawks (71) fared better.

Heckler George