Shortly after trading away Brian Campbell and Troy Brouwer, Blackhawks GM Stan Bowman expressed disappointment about the eight or nine players on the roster that had major roles in winning the Stanley Cup in 2010.

“I got rid of half the team last off-season, including our goaltender, and it still wasn’t enough,” said Bowman. “With any luck, I can drop a few more players from that historic run and we’ll be in business again.”

According to Bowman, the NHL is a league that’s all about turning over your roster. Too much continuity can bury a team in the standings, he claims.

“Dumping Soupy and Troy probably gets us to the second round of the playoffs next year,” he said. “But if we’re serious about contending, we’re going to need to get more kids in here to replace Bolland, Seabrook and Kane, who I plan to trade next week sometime.”

“Chemistry,” he added. “It’s all about having no chemistry at all.”

Heckler George