Lifelong Bears fan Frank Colwyn never thought his marriage would be in peril in the nearly 50 years he’s shared with his wife Darlita. In 2007, things took a turn for the worse. Frank discovered online fantasy football leagues and NFL Sunday Ticket.

“I thought it was me,” said Darlita. “For the last five years I’ve been torturing myself. I joined WOFFF (Widows of Fantasy Football Freaks) and they helped me realize that Frank had an incurable disease called football. Their incredible support system taught me how to grab the problem by the horns and I owe them my life.”

For the past six months, Darlita has attended WOFF support meetings and her prayers were answered in the form of an NFL lockout. Frank and Darlita have been on the road to recovery ever since she served Frank with the business card of her attorney.

Fearing he would lose funding to his fall fantasy football leagues, Frank decided to give in and make their marriage work. They resumed communication through dinner talks and negotiations, walks through the park, and even phone calls during the day while they were away from each other.

“I had nothing else to do because of the lockout and I can’t afford alimony,” said Frank when asked why he began communicating with his wife again. “It’s better than sitting around writing checks for her to blow on pedicures.”

“Maybe he’ll appreciate what the players and owners are going through and not take me for granted anymore since we’re in the midst of our own debates,” said Darlita with a grin. “He’ll gain an appreciation for what this lockout is really about.”

“She’s clueless,” said Frank. “As soon as this lockout ends, I’m whipping out the plastic and fantasy football season is on. I hope she finds a hobby sometime soon.”

By Morgann Spicer

Morgann Spicer