Frustrated Mets players and fans alike have been clamoring for the outfield walls at Citi Field to be lowered since it opened, and even though some renovations were done in 2010, those still upset fans and players will again get their way.

Owner Fred Wilpon announced today that the left field wall will be lowered three inches, and moved in two feet towards home plate. The process is believed to be costing the supposedly cash-strapped Wilpons upwards of $120 million.

Still business-savvy despite taking a huge loss in the Madoff scandal, Wilpon refused to comment other than saying, “More seats, more revenue!”

Upon hearing the price, a group of fans attempted to flip a Lincoln Towncar in the Citi Field parking lot to no avail. Through the ruckus, one fan was heard screaming, “That money should be going towards Reyes’s contract!”

“We have to prepare for life without Jose [Reyes],” said GM Sandy Alderson. “We feel the best way to improve our team going forward is to help out David [Wright] and his warning track power.”

The plan for now is to only work on the left field wall, and to leave the ridiculous shaped “Mo’s Zone,” in right field alone, as to not upset the sponsors.

Mets left fielder Jason Bay, who is signed through 2013, was asked what he thought of the decision.

“Well, it will certainly help me cover more ground in the outfield,” he said with a chuckle.

When asked if it will help him regain his All-Star form at the plate, he shook his head vehemently before breaking down and crying.

By Vin Conzo