Jerry Herbst, a lifelong Yankees fan, insists that his infatuation with A-Rod is purely platonic. Seated in his basement, beneath posters of a bare-chested Alex Rodriguez, Mr. Herbst was unapologetic about his admiration for Mr. Rodriguez yet insistent that his feelings were completely non-sexual.

“Do I come down here and stare at these posters from time to time?” asked Herbst. “Yes, I do. Often. He’s a beautiful specimen of manhood.”

“That broad chest, those crystalline eyes, the frosted hair,” Herbst continued. “He’s amazing to look at, but that does not make me gay for him.”

In spite of his rhapsodic praise for Rodriguez, Herbst was adamant that he “don’t swing that way.” When confronted with a letter from his ex-wife that cited his love of A-Rod has the reason for their split, Herbst would only say that the letter represented “sour grapes” related to ongoing divorce proceedings. Pressed further, Herbst became enraged toward reporters.

“You’re the queer one with your little tape recorder!” Herbst shouted. “A-Rod would never do something like this to me. He gets it. You don’t!”

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