After a heart-breaking Eastern Conference Finals series defeat the the Heat, the Bulls are anxiously awaiting their chance at revenge against Miami when the NBA resumes play in three or four years from its impending labor stoppage this summer.

“I just can’t wait to get back out there and take another crack at Miami,” said Derrick Rose in Thursday night’s postgame interview. “I’m not sure how I’ll spend my downtime. Maybe I’ll take my last three years of classes at Memphis to make sure I keep my mind sharp.”

While no one is quite certain how long the league will be in hiatus while the owners and players work out a new collective bargaining agreement, insiders agree it will be quite some time. That’s got Bulls players like Joakim Noah all the more ready to get back at it.

“Everyone’s saying the Heat beat us because they’re in their mid- to late- 20s and all mature and stuff,” said Noah. “But when this lockout’s over, the guys on Miami will be their late-30s. Let’s see Old Man Bosh try to put up 30 on me then.”