Chicago sports fans had a blast watching the Bulls playoff run this year, but they didn’t enjoy it as much as the Cubs and White Sox. With the Bulls having done so well, all of the city’s attention was on them and taken off of the lousy start for both baseball teams.

To show their appreciation after the Bulls’ untimely playoff elimination Thursday night, the Cubs and White Sox teamed up to buy a full-page ad in the Tribune thanking the Bulls for keeping the focus on them.

“It’s just a shame that the basketball season doesn’t go on all summer,” said Adam Dunn, who, along with Carlos Pena from the Cubs, has not met the expectations that were placed upon him after signing with Chicago in the off-season. “At this rate, we’ll probably be 20 games back by August, and it would be a huge favor if the NBA could somehow extend the season. Maybe we can get Mr. Reinsdorf to talk to David Stern or something.”

In the same way that the baseball players, coaches, and upper management have been appreciative of the Bulls, they feel the exact opposite about the Bears. The NFL lockout will prevent the Bears from attending training camp this summer, which usually serves to take attention away from the ineptitude of Chicago baseball.

“I can’t believe those greedy football players and owners,” said Alfonso Soriano as he polished his new sunglasses with rims made of solid gold. “How much money does one person need?”

Michael Kloempken