Nearly a half-century later, the Cubs have undone the most lopsided trade in franchise history by signing 71-year-old Lou Brock, who is still faster than any current Cub, to be the team’s designated base stealer.

“I can’t wait to get number 939 with the Cubbies,” said Brock, who will be in uniform and orthotic cleats for Tuesday’s Cubs-Cardinals game. “As Ryan Theriot would say, it’s nice to be back on the right side of the rivalry.”

Originally traded to St. Louis in 1964 for pitcher Ernie Broglio and others, Brock is expected to help the Cubs average more than their current pace of one stolen base per week.

“At the very least, he’s faster than anyone else on the roster,” said GM Jim Hendry. “I mean…we haven’t timed him or anything, but he’s gotta be. He has two legs that seem to bend properly, so that’s a start.”

Added Hendry: “Plus we get to undo the worst move in team history, before my Milton Bradley snafu, of course.”

In addition to his pinch-running duties, Brock will also be inserted for left fielder Alfonso Soriano for late-inning defense in tight games.

Heckler George