The Cubs announced today that Cardinals manager Tony La Russa will sing the Seventh Inning Stretch at May 11’s Cubs-Cards game at Wrigley unless The Heckler sells out its group outing for that night. Fans can sign up for the ultra-discounted Old Style pre-party and lower-level game ticket at

“Attendance has been down at Wrigley so far this year so we have to do something drastic,” said Cubs owner Tom Ricketts. “If The Heckler can’t sell out its Cubs-Cards group that night we’re going to put Tony up in the broadcast booth so he can rile up all the drunk, jeans-shorts wearing Cards fans who buy up all the available tickets and make the trek from whatever hickville Missouri town they call home.”

Ricketts added that if fans aren’t able to attend the May 11 Cubs-Cards game with The Heckler, they can also sign up for Tuesday, May 24 against the Mets or Wednesday, June 15 against the Brewers. Availability is limited so get on board now.