Shortly into Tuesday afternoon’s “Unsuccessful Drive” show on Chicago’s WBLZ The Ballz, it was apparent that co-host Steve Golden was having a bit too much fun on his annual trip to Arizona to broadcast live from Spring Training games.

“Dude, I tell you,” Golden said to his partner, Kevin “Whiffle Ball” Menski, shortly into the broadcast from outside Hohokam Stadium in Mesa. “The Mexican food last night we had at the place across from our hotel? The only thing better was the service, if you know what I mean.”

Menski hinted that the food and waitstaff were very good and began to beg the question of who would fill the Cubs’ recent problems at leadoff.

“Well, if you’re looking for a guy to get on base, I think I could fill that hole,” responded the married Golden, who reportedly was intoxicated while on air. “If there’s a security camera near the janitor’s closet at the Mesa Howard Johnson, I’ll send the Cubs a little piece of tape!”

This was followed by a noticeably strained chuckle from Menski.

“Otherwise, I’m sure Nicole—you remember Nicole from last night, Whif. She had the big—anyway, she’d back me up on this.”

Menski was quick to note the hotel bar had karaoke the night before and that Golden was sarcastically referring to his mediocre performance there.

“I was singing after that bar closed, too, buddy,” Golden said.

Prior to the show staff’s flight home, Golden could be seen spending an unusually large amount of money at the gift shop in the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport.

By Tim Baffoe

Tim Baffoe