Last week, announcers from coast to coast participated in the inaugural Altoids Announcer Figure Skating Championships held at Millennium Park. Hundreds of announcers paired up and gave their best efforts to prove once and for all who the best of the best were in baseball on and off the ice. Representing Chicago were Steve Stone paired with Ken ‘Hawk’ Harrelson and Len Kasper paired with Bob Brenly.

From the technical short program to the free skate, the two-day event was laden with competition. Stoney and Hawk trailed Brenly and Kasper after the short program due to a failed hand-to-hand lift when Hawk dropped Stoney from mid-air after his skate snagged Hawk’s shirt collar.

In the end, Stoney and Hawk prevailed with their stellar free skate program which showcased their artistic talent beautifully. Brenly and Kasper withdrew from the final skate due to Kasper’s pulled groin muscle from their pair sit-spin in final practice.

After the event, both pairs were equally excited that a new, but pleasant rivalry had been created between Chicago baseball teams.

“You’re looking at the new-age rivalry between the Sox and Cubs,” said Hawk. “Fans will pour in and watch us skate for years and all of us couldn’t be more thrilled.”

“I was real hopeful we could begin a winning tradition at Wrigley again,” said Kasper. “But if Brenly would’ve held me a little closer and spun faster, my groin would have stayed intact. We’ll train hard just like our players do and next year, it’s our turn to bring the title home.”

By Morgann Spicer. Photoshop by Pat Lamorte.

Morgann Spicer