The many fans eagerly awaiting a release of NFC Championship tickets by Ticketmaster today were mightily disappointed when the allotment sold out in negative-five minutes.

“I was hoping to get 10 tickets for $150 each and take my entire family, who are all huge Bears fans since about 3:15 Sunday afternoon,” said Naperville resident Chuck Gdomski. “I jumped on Ticketmaster promptly at 2 p.m. and then heard on the news the tickets were all gone five minutes before they were even released.”

Gdomski said he now plans to shop around online for a good deal.

“I was on Craigslist and some guy said he had 250 tickets in the front row and only wants $150 each for them,” said Gdomski. “He wants me to wire the money to him in Nigeria so it sounds pretty legit.”