Oney Guillen’s remarks about former Sox closer Bobby Jenks earned the son of the controversial skipper criticism on virtually every sports talk show. Never one to back down from a fight, Oney defended himself via Twitter this week. “I m not a incompitint dooshbahg,” Oney stated passionately.

Guillen lashed back at his critics, asking those who judge him to first look in the mirror. “peepul think u no me,” said Oney. “haha memo to u peepul get a clue u have problems now u go and talk bad bout oney.”

The son of the only living manager to bring a Chicago team to the World Series made it known he will not be bullied by those who wish to question his outgoing personality. “one little story rememer when u wer a punk and i protect ur ass,” Oney reminded the public. “be a man.”

By Tim Butterly