Jake Peavy prides himself on “telling it like it is,” yet the right-hander shocked even the most seasoned of reporters yesterday when he gave a very candid prediction for his season. “I think I’ll probably go 7-5 and suffer some freak injury about a week or 10 days into August. Let’s say, Aug. 9 against the Orioles.”

Peavy has already thought about how fans may react to a high-profile player seeming to settle for sub-par year.

“The fans are the fans,” said Peavy. “There will be times when they think the way I yell at myself on the mound is really cool, and times when they think I look like an idiot. Most of all, the fans will just think I’m way overpaid.”

Peavy was able to find a bright side to his otherwise dim 2011 outlook.

“The season won’t be a total loss, just very unfulfilling,” said Peavy. “I’ll pitch two really good games against the Royals and everyone will be waiting for type of stuff again for the rest of the year, it’ll just never come.”

Peavy can’t imagine any Sox fans will be surprised when he suffers a season-ending injury. “I was on the DL when the Sox signed me. What the hell do you expect?”