Ticketmaster today sent an email to customers who bought Vikings tickets for Monday night’s game against the Bears to remind them about the game telling them it’s still happening at the Metrodome, even though the venue has been ruled out all week due to a roof collapse last week.

“At Ticketmaster our communications policy is ‘Incorrect news is still news,'” said a company spokesperson. “Our customers who collectively spent millions of dollars on this game have waited long enough for any sort of update on the situation so we might as well tell them something, even if it’s completely false.”

The spokesperson could not provide any actual insight on the situation despite the fact that thousands of fans are anxiously awaiting word on where Monday night’s game will be held.

“Oh, you want to know what’s really going on?” said the spokesperson. “Yeah, we have no idea. You can call our customer service department to wait on hold for an hour but the mindless rep you finally get will just give you the same answer.”

So when can fans expect a resolution?

“We’ll figure it out sooner or later,” the rep added. “Or, maybe we won’t. Whatever works.”