After being fired by the Vikings today, Brad Childress is looking to turn his career around in a hurry. According to many sources, he is now chasing his dream of becoming a motivational speaker.

Reached after his termination, Childress played up his resume, pointing out that many people have had strong reactions to statements he’s made in post-game press conferences.

“I think it speaks volumes with the reaction people have to me,” said Childress. “I’ve noticed that my speaking style either causes people to going into either a zen-like meditation or an angry tirade.”

He claims that he is is currently putting together a speaking tour that will take him to schools and conference halls across the country.

“Well first things first, I’ve offered up my services to speak to the Vikings before the game next week,” said Childress, during an hour-long teleconference that put several reporters to sleep. “I could really help them get up by making one of my trademark monotone speeches, although I haven’t heard back yet.”