Bears quarterback Jay Cutler has looked pretty good on the gridiron lately, and thanks to his celebrity girlfriend Kristin Cavallari, he’s now looking better off the field, too.

“I just told Jay it was no big deal,” said the former star of The Hills, referring to the jaw implant surgery Cutler underwent Friday morning. “Everyone gets a little work done here and there. He was already handsome from certain angles, but now he’s way more dreamboaty.”

At first Cutler wasn’t sure about the procedure, but Cavallari’s PR rep convinced him it would not only help his self-esteem and endorsement money, it would also prompt people to view him as a man who’s serious about his craft.

“Of course fans question his intelligence and grit with a doughy chin like that,” said the rep, insulting Cutler’s old face. “Once we got the square jaw in there, however, well that’s what a professional athlete is supposed to look like.”

Cavallari reportedly told the surgeon to model the jaw on those belonging to Nick Lachey and Hilary Duff’s fiancé Mike Comrie.

“It’s been fun learning to shave,” said Cutler, who previously was unable to grow more than a stray whisker or two. “I guess they put in some kind of new stubble follicles. I wonder if any QBs around here have ever had a neckbeard?”

Heckler George