With his current team battling in the ALCS, Yankees manager Joe Girardi took a moment to reflect on what could have been, had Mike Quade not stolen his coveted position as manager of the Cubs.

“That was going to be my chance to turn things around,” said Girardi. “Get a taste of casual losing for a change. I guess I’m just destined to be a winner after all.”

According to Girardi, not having to be accountable for his team’s play would have been a nice change of pace after so many years of demanding owners and general managers.

“Working for Jim [Hendry] would have been a dream. No pressure. No accountability for my team’s actions,” said Girardi. “I could have coasted for a decade before retiring a happy man. As it is now, I’ll have to continue winning to keep my job. That’s a lot of work.”

Still, Girardi wishes Quade the best.

“I don’t have any hard feelings. Anybody would jump at that plum job,” he said. “And something tells me Mike will have no problem delivering the level of baseball they’ve come to expect with the Cubs franchise.”

Heckler George