In a desperate attempt to lure fans to Wrigley and end this dismal season on a high note, the Cubs have announced that they will have Pope Benedict XVI sing the 7th inning stretch for the last game of the season.

The Cubs are in need of divine intervention to turn around their prospects for 2011 and Wrigley Field is considered by many to be a “holy cathedral” of baseball. It’s only fitting that the Pope should get a chance to sing the stretch.

An avid baseball fan who runs the Catholic Church’s worldwide fantasy league, Pope Benedict XVI has been wanting to sing the stretch ever since becoming head of the church. He announced via his Twitter account that he finally will get his wish when the Cardinals come to town for the last home game of the season.

“I’ve appeared in front of millions of people in my lifetime,” tweeted the Pope . “But I’ve never been as nervous as I know I’m going to be before stepping into the booth.”

It’s those nerves that have the Pope in serious preparation for the event. He’s been heard singing “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” in the shower frequently, and has considered hiring Bono for voice lessons.

“This is going to be one of the most exciting days of my life,” tweeted the Pope. “Not gonna pull a Ditka.”

By Michael Kloempken

Michael Kloempken