Scottie Pippen was known as an irreplaceable part of the Bulls six championship teams in the ’90s. Unfortunately, he was also known as a terrible tipper. Nearly every Chicagoland waiter, valet and bartender during the era had a story about “No Tippin'” Pippen. Not surprisingly, Pippen’s stinginess has not changed, as he’s despised by service workers in Springfield, Mass., where he will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend.

“The guy rang up a $242 bill at dinner last night and left $250,” said Cindy Feldton a waitress at Lido in downtown Springfield. “That’s 3 percent! The guy made millions during his playing days. Can you imagine?”

Restaurants weren’t the only place Pippen stiffed the help.

“He had like 10 bags, which seemed like a lot for a long weekend,” said Springfield Marriott bellhop Steve West. “When I brought the bags up to his room all he gave me a high-five. I thought it was a joke.”