Bulls legend Scottie Pippen received word this week that he’ll soon be an esteemed member of the Acting Hall of Fame thanks to his outstanding role in a 1991 Mr. Submarine TV ad.

“With its cheesy music, dated Chicago skyline shot and out-of-sync sound, this ad could be a Hall of Famer without Mr. Pippen’s presence,” said Acting Hall of Fame Honorary President Jean-Claude Van Damme. “But clearly Mr. Pippen’s performance puts it over the top. I mean, dunking a sub sandwich? That’s gold!”

Van Damme added that the commercial has become a favorite of nostaglic YouTube viewers. Himself a YouTube sensation, Van Damme challenged web surfers to watch Pippen’s Mr. Submarine ad just once.

“Impossible,” said Van Damme. “I’ve watched it 100 times myself.”

Pippen will be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame this weekend and was also a unanimous first-ballot selection for the Terrible Tipper Hall of Fame.