Lou Piniella has officially announced that this will be his last year as the Cubs manager, and he will retire from baseball at the end of the season. In an effort to get a jumpstart on his retirement, Sweet Lou will manage the rest of the season wearing Tommy Bahama clothing. With summer in full swing, the change in wardrobe makes sense for the Cubs skipper.

“When you’ve won as many ballgames as I have, I think you should get to wear whatever you like when you’re managing, and I like the silky feel of those Tommy Bahama shirts,” said Piniella. “The fabric breathes really well, which is critical for making good managerial decisions at this time of year, especially when we’re playing in Arizona or Florida.”

Piniella will also be enjoying pina coladas and other tropical cocktails throughout the games.

“You wouldn’t believe it, but [Cubs first base coach] Matt Sinatro makes a hell of a cocktail,” said Piniella. “He serves them using a coconut shell instead of a cup, and he puts the tiny umbrellas in them and everything.  Let me tell you, they’re really refreshing.  It’s a far walk on those mound visits, and I’ve been getting a little thirsty.”

From the soon-to-be released August 2010 issue by Drew Adams. Click here to subscribe today!