Incoming offensive coordinator Mike Martz says he’s excited to be working with the Bears, a team “considerably better” than that of Palatine High School in Chicago’s Northwest suburbs, where he was going to coach before he got the job at Halas Hall. He had been working with the high school team this spring in preparation for their 2010 season.

“The Bears’ backs are superior to those of the [Palatine] Pirates, and the line is a lot bigger, but probably a tad slower,” Martz said in a recent press conference. “I’d say the quarterbacks and receivers are about even. All in all, it’s a significant step up for me.”

Martz also complained about the Pirates’ inability to absorb the thousands of ever-increasing plays in his playbook.

“Wideouts and backs would whine about having a hard time remembering all of their pass routes in addition to useless information like the Noble gases, the Pythagorean theorem and the dates of Civil War battles,” he said. “Fortunately, I won’t have that problem with Matt Forte and Rashied Davis.”

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