Derrek Lee today informed the Cubs he would invoke his no-trade clause should the team attempt to deal him to a contender before Saturday’s trade deadline. Accepting a trade would have helped the Cubs dump some payroll while enabling him to pursue a championship.

“Yeah, I don’t really feel like trying to win a World Series this year,” said Lee. “I did that once and it was a lot of fun, but also a ton of work. I’d rather just stick it out here for now.”

Lee said winning the 2003 World Series with the Marlins was a highlight of his career, but trying to repeat the feat has been less of an emphasis after seven seasons with the Cubs.

“Sure, it was cool back when we were good,” said Lee. “But after a while, the soul-crushing monotony of mediocrity tends to get to a guy.”

Lee paused for a few moments to consider the situation.

“Yeah,” Lee continued. “I’m good.”