Lou Piniella has been looking for ways to motivate the Cubs for most of the season. He’s read books, hired motivational speakers, and in desperation, turned to one of the Holy Grails of baseball movies—”Major League.”

“That Wild Thing kid and the rest of the boys always give me a chuckle,” said Piniella, who watched the film during the All-Star break. “It gave me an idea that I thought would help the guys loosen up a bit.”

Before Thursday’s game, Piniella walked into the clubhouse carrying a cardboard cutout of owner Tom Ricketts and explained that “with every win, we rip off a piece of clothing.”

The idea, thought to motivate the players, might just have the opposite effect. Seeing Ricketts’ noodle is not what players look forward to after a win. After last night’s 12-6 win over the Phillies, Piniella peeled of a corner piece, exposing Ricketts’ left nipple.

Even clubhouse clown Ryan Dempster was turned off.

“Call me crazy, but I just don’t care to see a cardboard cutout of a naked Tom Ricketts looking at me when I’m showering,” said a creeped out Dempster. “He’s a nice guy and all, but we already have enough male nudity in the clubhouse.”

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