Just a week after Kirk Hinrich was traded to Washington, the Bulls are talking with Portland about a Luol Deng deal and at least one fan is deflated.

“Even if Chicago signs LeBron James or Dwyane Wade, how can I get behind a team without Hinrich and Deng?” said Phil Speck, president of Deng’s fan club known as the Dengbats. “I mean, if they’re not here making roughly 40 percent of the countless shots they take each game, this team will barely be worth watching.”

Speck said a key free agent signing would do little to cheer him up.

“We only have six members, so the Dengbats are a real tight-knit group,” said Speck. “I can imagine that a LeBron James fan club might have a few more members than that, and they probably all won’t even know each other by their first name. What kind of life is that?”