A clubhouse practical joke went awry at Wrigley Field when Cubs pitcher Ryan Dempster found himself trapped knee-deep in a trough in a stadium men’s room.

Members of the ballpark’s maintenance crew discovered Dempster in the metallic urinal after hearing screaming coming from inside the bathroom, according to Cubs officials.

The pitcher’s shoes somehow became suctioned to the inside of the trough during what was meant to be a “harmless joke.”

“Ryan was located inside the bathroom, and was safely removed from harm’s way,” they said. “He was soaked with urine, but it’s nothing a load of laundry and a shower can’t fix.”

Dempster, who is widely known as the team prankster, claims he was setting up a “booby trap” for newbie Starlin Castro when he noticed he was stuck inside the trough.

“Starlin’s the new guy, and he’s got to get it, just like everyone else,” said Dempster. “He got lucky this time around. I was P.O.’d — literally.”

Dempster would not disclose the details of his prank, citing the opportunity to “rework it, perfect it and try it again.”

Despite having to dispose of his shoes and pants and being the butt of jokes from fellow players, Dempster stayed positive.

“I’m just happy it didn’t happen in a stall.”

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