The NBA’s free agency extravaganza is just now officially in session, but rampant, uninformed speculation has been going on for months. Much of it has been fueled by the thousands of sports blogs pumping content daily, which for Bulls fans has confirmed only one thing: There is a chance LeBron James could sign with Chicago.

“I try to give my readers cutting-edge content every day,” said blogger Phil LeTaro who created a Photoshopped image of James as a Bull, one of approximately 3,000 floating around the Internet. “My readers need to know what LeBron would look like in a Bulls jersey, since there’s a chance he could sign with us.”

The image of James has been very popular, but still ranks as the site’s second-most popular post of all time behind its exclusive “Top Ten Playboy Playmates Who Should Become Luvabulls” photo gallery.

“I don’t think anything’s going beat that gem,” said LeTaro. “I spent nearly an hour scanning the web for photos of hot naked chicks to post. That was investigative sports blogging at its best.”