The Heckler is once again co-sponsoring Fifty/50’s National 40 Week. Join us Friday, July 2nd for the “All Things Mickey” Party at 10 p.m.

For just $9.99 in advance, you can reserve your spot and a whole lot more:

A 40 of Mickey’s (Is there any other booze to drink from a giant bottle? Regularly $8)
– A Cazadores tequila shot (It’s new and it’s spectacular. Regularly $7)
– One smoked rib (You could eat more, but probably can’t handle the deliciousness. Regularly $2)
Reserved seating (Have you tried getting a place to sit at the Fifty/50 on a Friday night? Good luck!)
– A free one-year membership to The Heckler Fan Pass (Regularly $20)
– Entry in a raffle for a pair of Wrigley rooftop passes, cool signed Cubs swag (Priceless!)
– Since it’s National 40 Week, additional 40s will be just $5.

So that’s nearly $40 worth of stuff for just $9.99. Tough to beat. Quantities are limited so get in on this quick.