A photo of Patrick Kane and a woman in bed circulating the internet and published on Deadspin yesterday directly contradicts the virginity promise the young Blackhawks’ star made in church when he was just 13.

“Just eight years ago Patrick made a vow to God and his Bible study classmates that he would save himself for marriage,” said Rev. William Wahler of Trinity United Methodist Church in Kane’s hometown of Buffalo. “To think a young, rich, famous, championship-winning pro athlete might be having non-marital sex with women he barely knows is just shocking.”

Since winning the Stanley Cup two weeks ago, Kane has been a fixture on the social scene, even appearing on TMZ.com while partying with the Cup in LA after an appearance on “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.” When talking with paparazzi following him around LA, Kane made what Rev. Wahler thought to be a joke about using the Cup to score some ladies.

“Apparently Patrick wasn’t joking but is in fact repeatedly breaking his virginity promise to God,” said Rev. Wahler. “I hope he comes home to the Lord soon. We’ll welcome him with open arms, especially if he brings plenty of great stories to confession.”