Fans chant ‘Philly sucks!’ while boldly proclaiming Chicago the next world champs


The intersection of Clark and Addison was filled with fans celebrating the Cubs huge 9-4 win in Milwaukee Wednesday night, which moved the North Siders to just five games under .500 and 6.5 games behind the first-place Cincinnati Reds in the NL Central.

“We support this team win or lose,” said one fan who was too drunk to remember his name. “Chicago’s number one tonight. Hell, Chicago’s number one forever!”

Most fans were wearing red, apparently to distinguish themselves from the Brewers who wear blue similar to the Cubs. Many held signs and banners boldly stating “World Champs” and “Philly sucks!” evidently eyeing up the two-time reigning NL champion Phillies as a likely post-season opponent for the Cubs.

Chicago was powered to their win by Geovany Soto and Marlon Byrd who each had a pair of homers. Derrek Lee hit the 300th HR of his career while Carlos Zambrano picked up just his second win of the season and rookie Andrew Cashner threw two scoreless innings of relief. The game’s stars’ mix of experience levels was not lost on the Wrigleyville revelers.

“This team’s combination of a good young core and skilled veterans has us well-positioned for long-term success,” said Phillip Johnson of Wrigleyville. “After this year’s championship, we could win several more. I’m pumped! After our long drought, Chicago’s finally awesome again!”

Sources indicated a ticker-tape parade downtown is planned for tomorrow morning, just hours before the Cubs take on the White Sox for the “BP Crosstown Classic,” about which everyone in the sports world is going absolutely nuts.

Photo by Kelsey Duckett