The Cubs will have a new addition Friday when they take on the White Sox, but it won’t be a much-needed clutch hitter or bullpen stopper. Instead, thanks to a feverish installation Thursday, the back wall of Wrigley Field’s left field bleachers now features the infamous Toyota sign that’s been debated for months.

“Whew. That was a close one!” said team president Crane Kenney. “We almost didn’t get that thing up until next week. It would have been a shame for us to miss the last high-profile series of the season. We probably would have had to issue Toyota a partial refund or something.”

Many fans have been upset at the prospect of adding more corporate signage to their baseball mecca.

“As we’ve promised before, fans can rest assured we’re putting all advertising revenue into payroll,” said Kenney. “Sure a lot of it’s mine, but still, payroll is payroll.”

Photo by friend of The Heckler Tim Shockley