Earlier this week, Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger made headlines by stealing the game puck after Blackhawks wins in games one and two of the Stanley Cup Finals. Hawks fans, players and hockey insiders were angered by the move, which Pronger has used to deflect attention from his team’s early struggles in the championship round.

Pronger was surprised Thursday to receive in the mail a bill from the NHL for $49.90, the cost of two new pucks to replace the ones Pronger stole.

“We’re not a cash cow at the NHL like some of the other leagues,” said commissioner Gary Bettman. “Those pucks aren’t cheap and if Chris is going to steal them, he’s got to pay the price, and that price is $24.95 each.”

Ever the antagonist, rather than simply pay the bill, Pronger forwarded it to his nemesis on the Blackhawks, winger Dustin Byfuglien who received it Friday morning before his team’s skate around at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia in anticipation of Game 4 later that evening.

“What the hell does he want me to do with this?” asked Byfuglien. “He better be prepared to cough it up tomorrow morning because I’m going to jam it down his throat during the first period tonight.