After honing his acting chops in several local commercials with teammate Patrick Kane, Blackhawks center Jonathan Toews has landed a role in a Civil War film, largely thanks to his mutton chops playoff beard.

Young Toews’ beard, which features rich, bushy sideburns all the way down to his chin, with little to no facial hair around his mouth, will save the Olympic gold medalist hours of makeup preparation time, since his beard already looks like it belongs in a Civil War reenactment.

Toews seemed excited, though characteristically understated, about his appearance in the film “Brothers of Men.”

“Well yeah, it should be pretty exciting,” he said. “People are always making fun of my beard because the face part didn’t grow in, but now I’m able to be in a movie because of it.”

Assuming he keeps his playoff beard, Toews is also in talks to star as a young teenage version of the Marvel superhero, Wolverine.

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