While Jonathan Toews’ Wolverine-style sideburns grabbed the attention last season and Patrick Kane’s mullet has turned plenty of heads this year, there is a new development in the playoff hair arena as coach Joel Quenneville’s usually meticulously trimmed mustache is sporting some new tresses.

“I woke up yesterday thinking the wife’s cat had slept on my pillow again, but I was by myself in a San Jose hotel,” said Quenneville. “It was then I realized that the hairs in my mouth were my own.”

The beard matches the manly salt and pepper shade of the coach’s mustache.

“Normally we take a hard-line stance against any extraneous facial hair,” said Bruce Beuford, president of the North American Mustache Association. “But I know that if he shaves it, it will be his fault should they lose. So our stance remains neutral in this situation until after the playoffs.”

Quenneville said his famed mustache has a mind of its own.

“The mustache basically does as it pleases,” said the coach. “It tells me what to eat. Sometimes it calls plays. It even introduced me to my wife. Why should I be surprised it decided to grow a playoff beard?”

By Dan Bradley, bandwagon fan