Underaged Blackhawks hotshots Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews each found success on the ice last season, but only Kane found success during a recent trip to 7-Eleven, when he was able to use a fake ID to buy a bottle of Jose Cuervo.

Toews’ attempt to buy Mad Dog, however, was shot down.

“This fake ID I got from [Adam] Burish is sweet!” said Kane, who turns 20 in November. “The guy at the 7-Eleven totally thought I was 24-year-old Duncan Khabibulin from Idaho. I can’t wait to get back home to Buffalo and use this with my friends.”

Toews’ fake ID wasn’t nearly as good, and was taken away.

“I don’t know why the clerk didn’t think I was Dr. Kenneth Noisewater, a 34-year-old from Naperville,” said Toews. “I think he was a hockey fan and recognized me.

“Oh well. We get better alcohol back in Canada anyway. Maybe my dad will pick me up some Molson, since I paid off his house and all.”

From the May 2008 issue by Brian Longly. Image by Kurt Evans.