The Bulls qualified for the playoffs with a big win over Charlotte Wednesday night, just a day after it was revealed that head coach Vinny Del Negro and John Paxson got in a shoving match late last month during an argument over Joakim Noah’s playing time.

Del Negro and Paxson are so excited by the playoff berth they’ve agreed to settle the disagreement during a bare-knuckle brawl at halftime of their first playoff game against the LeBron James and Cavaliers, who have the NBA’s best record.

“We must have been doing something right if we were able to make it to the playoffs with this roster of mostly retreads and never-will-be’s,” said Del Negro. “So maybe if Pax and I duke it out at the half of our first game against Cleveland we’ll be able to fire up the troops and come back from what’s sure to be a double-digit deficit.”

Paxson agreed, to a point.

“I’m so sick of Vinny’s antics and I’m pretty sure after they gave my GM job to that weasel Gar Forman I can’t fire the head coach, so I’ll have to settle for knocking the snot out of him,” said Paxson. “If I’m able to finally take him down and it pumps up the team, that would be just great. Maybe we’ll lose to the Cavs in five games instead of getting swept.”

By Brad Zibung